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Lešnik's Headshave

Caio's Haircut

Story: Stepfather - A cowlick haircut

By sawhimgetshaved

My stepfather [was] a hateful, cruel little man. He enjoyed making me feel small and humiliated. That fateful summer he cooked up a scheme that not only would embarrass and humiliate me but would unwittingly transform me into a lifelong haircut fetishist.
I had the misfortune of being born with several cowlicks. These cowlicks coupled with my extra thick hair made for an unruly mop when not kept short. However, I was always allowed to go way too long between haircuts which meant that hair would be growing over my ears, down into my eyes, and sticking up in several different places at the same time. Don`t misunderstand. My stepfather didn`t like long hair but he was too lazy to take me in for haircuts on a regular basis. Usually he would wake up one day and realize what a mess we both looked and off we would go to the local barbershop. 
It was during one of those in between times when we chose to visit our relatives.  I heard my stepfather calling me from the front porch of the house. I went around to see what he wanted. I had no idea what the adults had been talking about so I felt no apprehension at all as I stepped into the doorway. My stepfather looked at me with a familiar smirk on his face, the one which always let me know trouble was coming and said, `see what I mean`. All the other adults in the room just looked at me for a moment without saying anything until my uncle finally said, `I don`t know. It might work.` My aunt then chimed in, `I`ve heard before it works.` I had no idea what they were talking about. My mother was strangley silent on the topic. Everyone seemed to be looking at my hair. I didn`t know but they had been discussing whether or not a headshave would rid a person of cowlicks. My stepfather didn`t believe it I`m sure. He just wanted a reason to shave my head.

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THCS - Pics of the Week

Here goes some of the pictures of this week:



Aaron gets his head shaved

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

THCS - Story: A Dream Came True

A Dream Came True

by Julian

 Being a barber is like being a fisherman. You have to wait to see what you can catch. Sometimes at school, there are so many customers that I am busy all the time and they keep sending me guys one after the other. Some other times there is a long waiting time between clients.

Last week action was very slow. Very few customers were there (...) When I finished the last one, I went to the reception area to see if there were more people waiting but nothing. However I saw a guy in the waiting area and checked out if he wanted a haircut.  But no, he was just accompanying her mother and sister for a nail job. 

Tye guy was about 17, tall and had a really long bowl cut. His hair was at least 10 inches long and he was talking to his family. I thought, “Lets see if I can get this guy into my chair.” 

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Timmy's Buzzcut

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Danny's Buzzcut

The video only shows one pass of the clippers, even though it worths to be watched... Can you image all the buzzcut in such a beautiful hair?

Max's Headshave

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Davis' Bowlcut

Well, talking about bowlcuts...

Bye, Bowl Cut

Bye Bowl Cut
by Julian

I asked for my next customer. A young guy, about 14 years old came to my chair. It was strange. He had a fresh bowl cut just above the ears and a number 2 in the sides and back. He came with his mother. After placing the cape around his head I asked how he wanted the haircut and his mother answered: “a military haircut please” and she explained she was so upset because just 4 days ago she had brought his son for a haircut and now a teacher at his school asked him to get a very short haircut or otherwise he won’t be able to go back to class.

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Say Goodbye to It, Mike

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Giammy's Headshave

Part 1:

Part 2:

THCS - Story Archive

Reading some old stories in The Haircut Site Story Archive, I found this fantastic one: Father's Day
I used to read these stories a lot long ago, when there was no youtube to watch the videos...
It makes me think about the difference between literature and cinema...
Imagine if some alternative filmaker decides to make a short video with this script?

Father's Day

by a Dad

In recent months I had grown tired of my two teenage sons whining and moaning every couple of months, when I had to literally drag them to the local barbershop. Their reluctance to get haircuts had resulted in their hair growing longer and longer, and I was only able to get them into the barbershop with the promise that they only had to get a slight trim, to keep it looking tidy. Experts at manipulation, they managed to grow their hair irritatingly long. They knew that I would never cause a scene in public, and they used this fact to their advantage when instructing the barber on how he was to cut their hair.

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Where did the hair go?

Bruno's Buzzcut

Arman's Buzzcut

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Lance's Punishment Buzzcut

Lance gets a 'buzz cut' after failing three classes.