Thursday, July 30, 2009

Nick trim - Frustrating

Simply frustrating....

Nothing else to say.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Nathan's Buzzcut

A boy, named Nathan, with a dirty blond moptop, let someone cut all his hair off. Nathan had a nice hair, a little messy, maybe because he had started the video with a hat. The "barber" started the work already cutting of all the long emo bangs with scissors. Then, she preeceded cutting all the hair like this. Finally, she took the clippers, and buzz the remaining hair.

There is a second part of this video, but it's just the "barber" finalizing the buzzcut.

He looks much better, han?

Monday, July 27, 2009

After the 15 comments

Well, finally, Josh did it.
He got his 15 comments (many of them because of this blog) and then he cut his hair.
It wasn't a great new haircut, I must say... but he looks much better now.
Take a look by yourself and let me know what do you think abou his new haircut.

Thanks to everyone that lets comments there!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sean's Buzzcut

A boy, named Sean, with a very beautiful emo thick hair, brown and naturally straight, had it all buzzed by a friend, supposedly after they had decided it at dinner.
The video is a little funny, the boys are cheeky and good humored.
And Sean's hair was really nice and stylish, and became nothing after the clippers buzzed. Great video, gorgeous haircut.

Thanks Markie, I took this video in your favorites.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Carl's Buzzcut

A guy, named Carl, with an amazing medium-sized brown (or red) hair, touching his shoulders at back and sides and with shorter bangs, had it all buzzed by a friend. Great haircut, great video, including an introduction with "before" pictures.

Is his red-haired or not?

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Catching 15 comments

A boy, named Josh, put a video on youtube some weeks ago asking wether or not he was in need of a haircut. Some people, including me, told him to get it real short. Some told to him don't cut at all. So, past these weeks, I asked him if he already did it, and he answered no, but he will cut if 15 viewers post comments there saying he needs a haircut. Let's go, people!

Please, vote YES.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

"Educational" buzzcut

A boy, named Erik, had his awsome hair cut off in classroom. It was supposed to be an educational punishment, as the comments say, because he was adviced to get a haircut and he didn't... but I think there's nothing of educational in it, only the fetish of his teacher and "hangman".
Anyway, it's a great haircut video. Erik had a beautiful and not too long dark straight hair, and it all went down.

He didn't look happy.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Let's help Nick to decide his next haircut

A very sympathetic guy, named Nick, is asking for help to choose his next haircut. At present, he is using a medium-sized emo hairstyle, that really doesn't fit with him, or with his dark blond straight hair.

I told to him get it real short.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Julian's buzzcut

An asian boy, named Julian, with an amazing straigth medium-sized hair, let his folks buzz it all. The guy with the clippers already starts running it against Julian's forehead. The video shows only the top of his hair being buzzed.

But the final result can be seen in this other video:

What a big transformation!

Brandon's Buzzcut

A guy, named Brandon, with a thick dark hair in a hairstyle that looked like an emo bowlcut, had it all buzzed in a fast motion video. The lady who gave him the haircut started just trimming the edges, then she took the clippers, but they were not working so well. So, she chopped all his beautiful medium-sized hair with scissors, and after took the clippers again and buzzed the remaining hair. Grear Haicut.

But stand your head up, man!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

From shoulders to buzzed.

A guy, named Christian, with a gorgeous thick brown/red hair, perfectly straight, touching his shoulders, get it all buzzed. He started cutting his beautiful hair himself, with scissors... after, some friends ended the work with clippers.
Great video, great haircut.

What a change, han?

Monday, July 13, 2009

Buzz in the backyard

A guy with a dirty-blond moptop, long in the sides and back, get it all buzzed with a short attachment, probably #2, in the backyard.
The camera start from far away... but it comes closer after a little. Good shots. Great video. Great haircut.

Smile for the camera!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Three short moptops got buzzed

Three boys with short moptops, but amazing hairs anyway, had it buzzed in a funny way. The first boy had the shorter hairstyle, almost a businesscut, but he looks so great, and got the better haircut, totally buzzed with clippers. The other two guys had longer moptop, but got weirds mohawks. They should had buzzed it all like the first one. Anyway, it's a great haircut video.

Don't try this at home, someone said in the subscriptions.

Jeff's buzzcut slidshow

A boy, named Jeff, had a beautiful blond hair and decided do buzz it all.
The video is a slideshow, in fact, and Jeff doesn't really look good at the beginning coz he's using a tiara and a short ponytail... but the rest of the slideshow is great, including the result: the short-haired Jeff.

Yes, you do look much better.

Going bald for Ghana

A boy with a beautiful long curly brown hair, below his shoulders, decide to shave it all off for a honourable reason: to help his dad in a mission in Ghana.
Very altruistic, and great haircut video...

I hope he had got what he wanted...

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mike and Brian get buzzed

Two boys, named Mike and Brian, with amazing medium-sized hairstyle get their heads buzzed. Both of them had amazing haircuts before the buzz. The first one had a brown thick hair, with slightly curls... really beautiful hair. The second boy has a black straight hair. And they didn't say why they cut it all off, but they say they will let it grow back again and they will shave it if they got a lot of subscriptions to this video...

Let's subscribe there, people!

A buzz for the team

A boy, named Alek, with an incredible beautiful hairstyle, like a grown-up bowlcut, hait it all buzzed for the team. I don't know what sport he is in, but I certainly like it. Great video, great haircut.

And the others kids in the team buzzed it?

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Buzz the bowl

A guy named Kevin, who had an awsome medium-sized straight hair, in a lovely bowlcut, let his friends kill his hairstyle and buzz all his head.
There is a kind of funeral at the begginning of the video, really funny.
Fantastic haircut.

I hope he let it grow again.

Buzzcut with a mullet

A sixteen years old boy named Nathan, for some incomprehensive reason, let a guy destroy his beautiful medium-sized straight hair into a desgusting buzzcut with a "MULLET".
Just kidding (though I really dislike mullets).
The haircutting is great. If it were a real buzzcut (I believe he got it all buzzed after this perfomatic video), it would be one of my favorites.
Nathan's hair was really a beautiful hair... and was reduced to nothing.

Well, if someone else wants a mullet haircut, call this guy, or send me an email.

Buzzcut passing by a bowlcut

A guy, named Keith, with a good medium-sized brown haircut, let his mom buzz it all off.
While people around mocks him, you can see her giving him a rudimentar bowl cut in the middle of the process. It's real funny.
By the end, he take the clippers and finally buzzes the remaining hair.

Unfortunately, they didn't take the end of the haircut, including the moment she buzzes his bangs. But there is a picture of the finished cut here:

Crying baby

A boy, named Nicolás, with a shaggy moptop, had his hair really shaved off to the skin.
Apparently, he is an actor and got shaved for a play. And he was visible unhappy with this.
You can see the tears in his eyes while the lady was putting down all his hair.

For crying, han?

Boy buzzing his head

A bored boy, named Blair, decided to buzz all his beautiful brown hair. He had a great moptop, not so long in back and sides, but awsome bangs (almost like an emo).
He just went to the bathroom, prepared the clippers, and did it.
The best moment was when he lifted his bangs, approached the clippers, looked to the camera, and started it.

I hope he becomes bored again.

The 3 Haircuts

3 boys, with medium-sized hair, really great moptops, decided to cut it all off into a weird kind of mohawk.
The first boy had an amazing thick straight hair, bellow his neck and his ears. I can't even imagine why he did it, but he gave me great times. A girl tried to buzz his hair, but she failed. Then another woman took the clippers and continued it. It looks like the problem was with the clippers, so the woman chopped all the hair with scissors, and after she buzzed the rest with the clippers. She used a shorter attachment in the sides, and a bigger one in the mohawk stripe in the three haircuts.
The second and the third boys had great hair as well, a little curlier, and the bangs are shorter than the first one. They are so similar that I think they are brothers (perhaps the 3 are brothers). They are completely buzzed with clippers.

Great times, in fast motion.

Allstar Buzzfest

2007 West University American Allstars
A group of young boys (I counted 13), with different hairstyles, from short to medium-sized hair, have their heads buzzed as a kind of team celebration, or promise.
The video has fast shots of the cuts, but there are great moments instead.
It really worths to be completely watched.

It's what can be called union!

The Classic - Getting an emo haircut

It's one of the best haircut videos all over the internet.
It's said this boy, named Matt, who had an awsome medium-sized dark-blond hair, was going to cut it short, so he let his friends make this "emo haircut" first, only as a joke.

Let's see it.

Nice joke, han?


Let's get started.