Monday, August 17, 2009

THCS - The Haircut Site

Do you know THCS (The Haircut Site)?

It is one of the best (and old) sites about pictures of boys haircut in internet.
I check their updates weekly since the year 2000, I guess.
There was a time when there was an Archive section, where you could find all their haircut pictures. But nowadays only the most recent update is avaliable.
This week, the haircut pictures' collection is titled: Military School.

Here goes some pictures:


Furthermore, in THCS there is others interesting sections, like the one with a list movies containing haircut scenes, and the other one with a didactic cut guide for who likes to know the haircut names.

I hope you enjoy it.
I will try to write a post here every week about their updates.


  1. Great job on the flicks. Good to know there are fun guys into good clean times. Having a good budy in life really makes a difference. There's nothing else like it. G.P. 414-627-9131

  2. Seems that THCS no longer exists...

  3. Please revive haircut site.

  4. I miss the old site

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